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tribe of crashing tides

Camp ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Beyond the beautiful sandy beaches, stacked high into the cliffs lies the Tribe's camp. Caves carved out by wind and sea give these cats home and refuge from the daily elements. The cliff face can be dangerous, with loose rock and debris. But to those raised here, there's plenty of escape routes and secret paths from cave to cave...and even one to the clifftop.

Territory ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Much of the tribe's land could be seen as a potential paradise. With breath taking views from the cliff and white sandy beaches, its hard not to take a leisurely stroll daily. But be warned, finding food isn't always easy and the tide can sweep a distracted feline away.

Borders ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

The Tribe borders alongside Canopyclan, their beaches dwindling and sprouting into lush vegetation. They border no other clan as their cliffside camp cuts off most who dare to venture that way.

Golden Beach ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Named for the color of the sand, the golden beach is one for romping and playing. Tyros also can get trained here as there's ample room and plenty of room for soft landings.

Tide Pools ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

The Tide Pools perhaps are the most important piece of land to The Tribe. Most of their prey comes from these shallow watery death traps. Whether it's clams, snails, small crabs or tiny fish, these tide pools are the beating heart of the prey here.

Moon Cave ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

The Moon Cave is a wonderful sight to see. It's especially spectacular with a full moon. The Tribe cats will sometimes be found sleeping here if it's a particularly still night, though often times it's with a group of sentries for protection. The shallow water in this area also provides a prime fishing spot.


Camp ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

It should be no surprise that the cats who made a jungle home live in a rather large and heavily vegetated tree. This tree has a huge trunk with small cavernous looking areas between it's roots. The branches are large and spread wide, providing much room to roost. Moss and other dry brush has been collected and brought into the upper branches for the able cats of Canopyclan to nest in. Queens and Kits however, along with Elders reside in the lower hollowed out areas of the trunk.

Territory ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Canopyclan can easily be described as lush and green. This tropical climate houses many small lizards and insects to catch for prey, as well as other small mammals and rodents. The trees can grow quite dense, and long vines drag onto the ground. One should always be careful of snakes and other dangerous predators that lurk in the night.

Borders ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Canopyclan's borders get almost, well...complicated. They meet at a rocky beach with the Tribe on one side, and on another they start turning into a marshy swampland that becomes Bayouclan. The border they share with Bayouclan is marked by a significant trail that leads through the thick vegetation. Two-legs use this trail sparingly, but often enough to keep it worn down.

Rocky Beach ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

This beach isn't much of a beach. And in fact, many cats aren't seen here. This small mix of sand and rocks nears the Tribe's territory, and it's long been seen as a possibility to lose the land. However, the thick jungle that surrounds this little slice of 'heaven' prevents The Tribe from actually taking it...and so it remains Canopyclan land.

Dense Jungle ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Much of Canopyclan is lush and leafy. The trees can often times be close together and are riddled with vines. The terrain here can be punishing, and also hard to maneuver. But because of this, there's also plenty of prey that lurks in the undergrowth.

Jungle Waterfall ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Not far from camp, lies a beautiful waterfall that cascades regally into a pool of water below. This water pool isn't very large and also isn't very deep, but it does snake off into a river that feeds the swampy area that turns into Bayouclan. Fish can be found in this pool, though not many and even then they're hard to catch.


Camp ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Bayouclan keeps their paws dry-ish by making their camp in the twisted and tangled roots of Mangrove trees. Their camp is split down the middle by a shallow and very clear creek. This water is perfect to acclimate young kits to the damp lifestyle they will live. This part of their territory is rather dry and only threatens to flood if heavy rain persists.

Territory ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Much of Bayouclan can be found in some sort of underwater state. Whether it's full on swamp or just marshes, the cats of Bayouclan have certainly learned to deal with dampness. Prey here is plentiful however as many rodents and mammals scurry around.

Borders ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Bayouclan meets Canopyclan at a trail where jungle lessens and becomes a sodden swamp. However, they also border rice fields which sit a short ways away from a two-leg village.

Mangrove Pools ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

These clear pools are deceptively beautiful, and on either side of the small river-like area grows tons of Mangrove trees. These mangroves provide the only solid ground in this area, and are a means to stay dry.

Flooded Wetland ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

While the water along the banks isn't deep, it is dangerous. Alligators and large fish can be found swimming in this water and cats who don't pay attention might never return home. Frogs and other small amphibians are a large part of Bayouclan's prey.

Floating Stumps ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

The water in this part of Bayouclan territory is shallow and perfect for getting your paws wet. But because of how dark the water is, it seems deep...and the stumps have been given the name of 'floating' for this very reason. Beavers like to clear this area out, and it seems like new stumps are popping up daily.


High Rocks ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

While the jungle is thick with vegetation, not many rocks are found. Except for these massive stones that seem to jut out of the earth from nowhere. This area sits not far from the Firefly Clearing, and holds a strong aura of peace. Once a moon the clans gather here, often times with a Tribe member or two sitting in just to observe the ways of the clans. Leaders of the clan sit atop the rocks, with their clanmates gathering below them.

Firefly Clearing ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Deep in the jungle, somewhere between Bayouclan and Canopyclan is a sacred clearing. The medicine cats come here to speak and dream of Starclan during the night hours. Upon arrival, the cats must sit still and quiet, awaiting the arrival of the fireflies. Once they show, it's seen as disrespectful to disturb them too much, and the cats must wait for one to land on them to speak with Starclan.

Rice Fields ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

These sodden fields seem to constantly have two-legs working away in them. While there's not much to do here, it is a pretty sight and a welcoming home to wandering cats.

The Village ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Not far from Bayouclan lands lies a small village. The two-legs here seem to be welcoming of felines that wander through the village, often times feeding them scraps and enticing them to stay put.

The Old Dock ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Down the shore from the Tribe's lands, in an area they don't quite claim stands an old dock. It juts out into the deep blue ocean, and an old rickety wooden boat is tied off to the side. While it seems to be quite deserted, somebody must have left it here.

The Crash ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Deep within the jungle lies a rather large plane crash. The entire middle section of the plane seems to be missing, but the large nose and tail lie broken and dilapidated. It's easy to seek refuge in this wreckage as it provides the perfect block from the elements. Many stray felines have made this home.

out of characters

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